People who purchase this practice examination are preparing to take the State of Florida Class “C” Examination given by the State of Florida.  This practice examination is not meant for individuals taking the 40 hour course to get their Class “CC” license.  Test given by these schools and companies have their own examinations and are not affiliated with the State of Florida.

The below links were taken from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of licensing.  Each were selected to help you prepare for the State Examination.

The state examination consists of 100 multiple choice and True/False questions.  The test is given at various division offices throughout the state.  The majority of the test is taken from Chapter 493 (See the link below).

The practice examination was developed from the study material provided by the state and consists of 102 questions.  You can take the 10 questions sample test by clicking on the link below.  When you are ready to purchase the practice examination come back and click on the purchase button.

Purchase a 10 question sample practice examination for $5.00.  When you purchase the full version you will get your $5.00 refunded.  The questions were taken from the actual practice examination

Purchase your Florida Private Investigator Practice Examination

Select this button to purchase your Florida Private Investigator Practice Examination.  You will have the option of purchasing a hard copy that will be emailed to you for $70.00 or purchase a Computer Based Examination that you will be able to take from any of your devices as many times as you like for $80.00.