The Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies is responsible for all aspects of being a private detective in the State of Georgia.

About the Examination:

75 total questions with a 90 minute time limit.


CONTENT OUTLINE:  Legal (17%); Observation/Surveillance (15%) ; Gun Safety and Handling (15%); Obtaining and Preserving Evidence (21%); Interviewing/Interrogation (21%); Client Relationship/Administration (11%).
The reference material listed below was used to prepare the questions for this examination, it is not meant to be an exhaustive list. The examination may also contain questions based on training, trade knowledge, or general industry practices. Candidates may use a silent, nonprinting, non-programmable calculator in the examination center.  This examination is CLOSED BOOK.
The following reference material is not allowed in the examination center:
Candidates may obtain a copy of the State Laws and Board  Rules online at: LicensureProvisions
-OCGA Title 43
-Chapter 1 Georgia Board of Private Detective and Private Security Agencies Laws
-OCGA Title 43
-Chapter 38 Rules of the Board of Private Detective and Private Security Agencies, available
-Chapter 509.
These related Code sections are available online at: http://w3.lexis
General Provisions
-OCGA Title 1.Civil Practice
-OCGA Title 9.Contracts OCGA
-Title 13.  Crimes and Offenses
-OCGA Title 16 Criminal Procedure
-OCGA Title 17.  Evidence
-OCGA Title 24.  Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies
-OCGA Title 35.  Practical Handbook for Private Investigators, McMahon, R.(1981),WWW.CRCPress.COM

The below links were obtained from the listed reference and study material provided by the State of George Private Detective Board.  Using the reference material listed below along with the practice examination will be an exceptional study tool to prepare you for taking the actual state board examination.

Official State Board Website

The Georgia Board of Private Detectives is the administrative and operational governing body pertaining to licensing of Georgia Private Detectives

Chapter 38

This is the Georgia Private Detective and Security Agency Act that is one of your main references to study for the examination.


Questions and Answers to many topics to become a PI in Georgia

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