The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators is the governing body that handles all aspects of becoming a private investigator, which includes testing and licensing.

 We supply both a 10 question sample test and a 162 question full practice examination which was developed from the study material provided by the state.   The links to purchase either examination can be found below.

Kentucky Board of Licensure Home Page

Home Website for the Kentucky Board of Licensure, Private Investigator.  This page is the starting point for obtaining information on how to be a PI in Kentucky

Examination Study Guide

Study Guide for those individuals taking the State Kentucky Private Investigator Examination

Laws and Regulations Booklet

Booklet supplied by the Kentucky Board.  This booklet is one of the main study guides to prepare for the state examination.

Application and Forms

Provides all application and all the forms needed to apply to be a Private Investigator in the State of Kentucky

Purchase Your Kentucky Private Investigator Practice Examination

Select this button to purchase your Florida Private Investigator Practice Examination.  You will have the option of purchasing a hard copy that will be emailed to you for $70.00 or purchase a Computer Based Examination that you will be able to take from any of your devices as many times as you like for $80.00.